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About Us

About us:

We are a sales, marketing, and product design company that concentrates on Center of the Plate food products for the food service retail markets, national and international. We work closely with our customers to identify their needs and apply, adapt, and develop products that meet these needs.

Our customer base ranges from National Food Service Chains, Food Distributors, Colleges, Caterers, School Lunch and Institutions, Restaurants, Convenience Stores and Retail Supermarkets. We market under our own label, manufacturer label, and private label depending on the need of the customer.

Many of our customers have been with us for over twenty-nine years, and we have grown and adapted with them to meet the challenges of the growing food service and retail markets. Integrity and creativity are our motto.


Center Plate was founded in 1980 to fill a special need in the United States in marketing and sales to specific controlled, non-competitive food service and retail markets of the proprietary products of large fast food restaurant chains. Thus, a whole new avenue of business developed where discretion and market responsibility were key to successful sales. Soon we had more sales than seconds and had to develop our own line of products to meet the demand. This enabled us to expand to more markets. We have continued that to this day, adapting to the needs of our customers, plants, and market demands domestically and internationally.

Our Approach:

We do not define marketing simply as sales. By our definition, marketing encompasses market awareness; that is, a detailed knowledge of the food operator and distributor buyers, the seller, and the distinct needs of each. It also involves up-to-the-minute food product information, analyzing and anticipating constantly fluctuating prices, supplies and demands. In all cases, we seek an arrangement that serves the long-term interests of the buyer, the supplier, and the market.

Our Location:

The company’s corporate and sales office is centrally located in the Chicago-land area.  We ship nationally and internationally from our plant locations throughout the United States.

Your Team:

Our staff is one with vast years of experience in the food service industry, who immerse themselves in the details of food product specifications, supply issues, product production, consumer and restaurant trends, and fluctuating food market values worldwide.


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