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Opportunity Items

We offer a number of high quality opportunity items at reduced prices. These products provide great opportunities that help customers stretch their food service dollars. From first quality overruns of major food chains, to off-spec and surplus inventory, we make these discounted items available to serve you in a competitive market. Opportunity items are sure to satisfy customers’ desire for cost conscious menu options.

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Types of Products We Offer

Center Plate offers a variety of Value added Chicken Items, Solid muscle Chicken Items, Pork, Sausage, Deli Items, Beef, Entrees, Seafood, Desserts, Appetizers, and side dishes. If you have a need, give us a call. We might be able to locate the items you are looking for through our many valued plant relationships.

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What Makes a Product a Second

There can be many reasons for these products to be offered in the secondary markets, such as: overruns, variances in packaging, discontinued items, damaged packaging, variance in product within same inventory, products close to use by dates, inconsistency in color, products not meeting customer's specs, and pulled off the lines. In rare cases, we may have available distressed items from temperature abuse, past code dates, or damaged product.

Center Plate will make every effort to inform the customer as much as possible of the condition of the product.

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Opportunity Inventory Items

These are items that are not considered seconds. They are special opportunities that arise from overproduction, changes of specifications, facilities closing, pack, or flavor profile. Center Plate has inventories that are consistently available to distributors at competitive pricing. When there is sufficient demand for items, we contract producers to manufacture products to meet the need while maintaining attractive cost to the distributors and their customers.

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How to Order Seconds and Special Opportunity Items

A minimum of one full pallet of the same product will apply to all products we sell. The secondary market will have additional minimum purchase requirements on a per item basis on inventory available, location of inventory, urgency of sale, code dates of items, location storage capacity, etc. CPDC will advise of the minimum required purchase upon inquiry on item.

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Product Availability

Due to the value the opportunity market items offer to the cost conscious distributors and operators, the market is extremely volatile and fast moving. In many cases, inventories are committed prior to their production. The competition for popular items is very aggressive. Quick decisions have to be made. All offers are dependent on a valid, binding order being placed according to set forth requirements for purchasing of the product. No inventories will be held without a purchase order. Sample requests can be made according to our stated policy.

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Information Provided on the Product

Information will vary vastly based on each individual product.

In all cases we will provide the following:

  • Product Description
  • Product Item Number
  • Inventory Available - inventory will be confirmed at receipt/acceptance of order
  • Location of the product, if not a delivered item
  • Pick up location and contact information upon confirmation of customer order

When available we will be able to provide:

  • Pictures of the product
  • Original specs of the product
  • Reasons for product being sold in secondary market
  • Ongoing availability of the product
  • Product label
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Sample Requests

Due to the fast moving inventories, no samples can be sent out without a purchase order provided for minimum quantities at the quoted price. Center Plate will ship a sample prior to order shipment “Contingent on Sample Approval.” We will only hold the product ordered for 3 days after you have received the samples.

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Center Plate will always honor cost of product quoted. Price quoted will only be valid for two days from quote. Center Plate will confirm pricing at time of submission of purchase order or after two days and according to F.O.B. point and pounds being shipped.

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F.O.B. Point

According to each product and offering. Center Plate will not offer delivered pricing on any order less than 10,000 lbs. Cost considerations will be offered for large volume order.

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Product Requests

Tell us what you need. Through our long term association and strong relationships with major producers, if we don’t have it, Center Plate will make every effort to locate inventories. Our significant partners provide us with added purchasing power to offer you comparable, attractive options. Contact us with your inquiries. Let us know what types of specifications you would like us to work within.

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