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Our frozen Breaded Chicken Items are made from the highest quality of broiler chickens. These items are flavorful, nutritious, and perfect for all food service operations. As a sandwich item, finger food, or main entree, they deliver crunchiness, juiciness, portion control, and plate appeal. Call us for menu ideas. Great products, convenient packaging, and stable pricing are just a few of the reasons to offer Center Plate's Breaded Chicken Items to your customers. You can provide the things food service operators care about most: taste, time, money, and customer satisfaction. When you add in value and service, Center Plate is your source for these breaded items.



Center Plate's tenderloins are always savory with consistent taste; they cook evenly from freezer to fryer or oven. Always moist and tender, they are sure to satisfy. Full-flavored, these chicken tenderloins please in any role: as main entree, atop a salad, or in deliciously different sandwiches or wraps.



For those more adventurous pallets, try our Spicy Wings. Whether your customer's tastes swing from spicy to mild, extra large or regular sized, lightly breaded or fritter, fully cooked, parfried, or boneless, we have what foodservice operators' customers want.



Let us be your source of natural boneless chicken breasts from broilers, cut to exact size and ready to use in the creation of your favorite recipes. Great for your banquet needs! We can meet the needs of your customers for legs, whole birds, boneless and skinless breasts, leg quarters, thighs, breast strips, tenders, drumsticks, wings, and special cuts.


Energize your menus and give the food service operators what they want - a fuller variety of side items and main entrees that enhance the center of your meals, or side items with versatility, appeal, and flavor. Entice them with crunchy, golden brown selections that customers have come to expect and those unexpected surprises that keep them coming back. Let's help you add an extra layer of profit. Restaurateurs and operators will crave the benefits of adding these products to their all-star line ups. Easy to prepare and even easier to eat; set yourself apart with these popular items!


When convenience becomes a factor, it is easy to add our fully cooked sausage to any breakfast, lunch, or even dinner menu. Our sausage offers fast preparation without the shrink. Whether your customer is a mobile caterer, sandwich maker, cafeteria operator, school food service director or full line restaurateur, there is no beating the convenience and flexibility of our sausage patties. Biscuit sandwiches in various sizes, served with various fixings, will hold well under heating lamps and steam table pans. You can provide your customers with the high protein product that will complement their menu.

Custom products - Sous vide

Sous-vide cooked items provide a simple solution to the preparation of popular meals that require long hours of labor and intensive hours of preparation. These dishes can be prepared with your chef's input and preferences. The Sous-vide method of cooking is sure to be very popular not only with the front of the house customers, but with your chefs and staff.

PRIVATE LABEL - Retail label

Whether you're a retailer, distributor, or chain restaurant operator in search of a custom menu solution or quality branded product, you can count on us. We are committed to working with you to develop custom items we can both take pride in. Depend on us for consistent quality and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to continually exceed your expectations through collaboration and responsiveness to your needs. Private Label products are available in retail and foodservice packaging. We can provide resealable bags for convenience store display. Let us know how we can set your brand apart from the competition.

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