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Sous-vide is a method of cooking that preserves the natural flavor and freshness of the food. The color and appearance remain unchanged. Unlike cooking in a pressure cooker, Sous-vide is prepared and cooked in an air vacuumed bag and submerged in water that is at precise ingredient-sensitive temperature. By hermetically sealing the food in plastic pouches after seasoning and preparation, then cooking it at low temperatures for many hours, the product’s concentration of its natural flavors is enhanced along with retention of all nutrients. With Sous-vide products you have no additional shrinkage in the product, and you will always have consistency in your recipes, texture, and tenderness. The end result is a dish that looks and tastes as if it was made from scratch over many hours in your very own kitchen.

We will work with your chefs and recipes to provide your company with a method for food preparation that will be popular with your most discriminating chefs and customers. Our Sous-vide line of products will minimize your labor and waste, delivering fine cuisine dishes of the highest caliber, taste, and presentation. Your signature dishes are sure to distinguish you from the competition. While specializing in custom menu solutions, we also offer many of our own recipes that are sure to please the front-of-house and meet the back-of-house needs.

The focus is providing innovative new products and “all-time” favorites by fostering collaboration, team work, and a commitment to culinary excellence, resulting in strong customer partnerships, success in the foodservice operations, cutting edge ideas, and new, better ways to provide your customers with excellent and prompt service.

You can’t afford to overlook this product line.

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